A furry animal at the East School, Municipality of Faxe. Romibo is a small colorful fur animal that speaks 26 languages. This one, and four of his family members have moved in on the eastern schools departments.


RoBi-X is a range of partnership programmes for designing, developing and commercialising unique robotic solutions for specific challenges and unexploited business opportunities.

Beam brings families closer together

BeamPro makes it possible for relatives, who lives far away, to come and visit their family members at the nursing home "Solhavecenteret" in Karise, Demark.

Nao and Zeno

The two humanoid robots, Zeno and Nao, are living at the children’s house Mælkevejen and the children’s house Heimdal, Municipality of Faxe. Zeno likes pizza with candy and Nao can play "Simon says".


The Mini-Picker from Blue Ocean Robotics is a complete solution for identifying and picking items from bins, pallets or boxes. By utilizing leading 3D vision from SCAPE Technologies, the Mini-Picker is easy to deploy and support.

RoboBusiness USA

Now in its 11th year, RoboBusiness is the established gathering place for leading minds in business and technology who come to identify opportunities, trends and new solutions in robotics that are driving marketplace change.

RoboBusiness Europe

Now in its fourth annual edition, RoboBusiness Europe confirms its status as a unique and most important European event for the robotics industry which can offer a complete vision on technological trends and paradigm of business.