Blue Ocean Robotics invests resources and capital into the exponentially growing robotics industry at large through a carefully selected portfolio of robotic projects. We incubate and take lead of the projects where we develop robotic products, commercialize and introduce the robots to the markets, and when the timing is right sell-, license- or spin-out the IPR, robots and related business-assets to new subsidiaries- or affiliated startup enterprises of ours (through equity/shares) or to existing companies in the market. After successful sell-, license- and spin-out Blue Ocean Robotics remains a closely interconnected strategic partner enabling synergies and leveraging from commercialization, international sales and development of the next generation robots. Thus, in short the mission is -


Blue Ocean Robotics is a creator of emerging robotic solutions, -enterprises & -markets


Business Model

The Business Model of Blue Ocean Robotics and the way we create and accumulate value/assets is based on three closely coupled activities;


  • Product Development. Blue Ocean Robotics source-in robotic technologies at robot-, platform- and component levels and use these to develop application-specific and easy-to-use robotic products prepared for global markets. Consequently, some of our robots are build by ourselves from a component level, while some are built from a platform level and yet some are built from a robot level where we adapt or add software, hardware and services in order to match end-user needs and expectations.
    Value/Assets is created when -
    - We create novel robotic products and IPR.
    - We attract investors, private- and public funding.
    - We build strong long-lasting business- and technology partnerships.
    - We spin-out new subsidiary- and affiliated startup enterprises.
    - We expand our human resource-, capital- and technology base.
    - We strengthen our novel RoBi-Design/RoBi-Development tools.

  • Commercialization. Blue Ocean Robotics introduces robots to the market and in this way acquires a) product- and market-specific expert-level competences in marketing, sales, support and service, b) deep knowledge about end-users, their value propositions, organisation, business-case, infrastructure, priorities, decision making, etc., c) opportunities for developing the next generation robots for specific customer segments. Overall, we develop blue-ocean markets as we transform "push"- to "pull" markets.
    Value/Assets is created when -
    - We generate positive net profit financed through customer projects.
    - We acquire deep market- and specific customer insight.
    - We acquire deep product expertise also through bundling with third party robots.
    - We identify and initiate new Product Development with strategic customers/end-users.
    - We sell with high cost-efficiency due to bundling with third party robots.
    - We obtain co-ownership and earn equity in third party robotic companies through incubation.

  • Internationalization. Blue Ocean Robotics operates around the world to a) scale up successfully commercialized robots from low volume sales in local markets to large volume sales in global markets, and b) pursue Product Development opportunities based on local partnerships and local strongholds in technology and markets. We operate directly through our own local Blue Ocean Robotics representations (joint ventures) and through local distributors (sales partners) engaged in specific vertical markets.
    Value/Assets is created when -
    - We sell well-proven/low-risk robots with high-margins based on matured delivery systems.
    - We scale up sales cost-effectively and fast for our sell-, license- and spin-out's.
    - We obtain and maintain exclusivity as a global distributor of third party robots.
    - We position ourselves globally in the market as the experts in "early-stage" robotic solutions.
    - We become the trusted advisor for and turnkey supplier of robots to global key customers.


Partnerships is a strategic fundamental for Blue Ocean Robotics. We use our network to establish partnerships when we a) pursue Product Development opportunities, b) Commercialize and bring robots to the markets, and c) Internationalize and scale up the sales from low to higher volumes.


In general, we attract partners like -


  • End-users on a quest for implementing a robot to disrupt the way they do their business.
  • Research-groups with promising results to be commercialised on a license basis.
  • Robot companies searching for a partner to bring their robot to the market successfully.
  • Strategic investors focused on the industry at large rather than individual specific robots.
  • Business angels, entrepreneurs, individuals with a dream of being part of a new enterprise.
  • Existing companies going to distribute and sell our robots in the local markets (sales partners).
  • Individuals who want to join and run a local Blue Ocean Robotics representation (joint-venture).


Blue Ocean Robotics prioritise to create the spin-out startup enterprises in partnerships with others to capture IPR, put together strong management teams, secure funding/investments, bring in necessary technical/other resources, plan for exponential and international growth, etc.

Risk Management

The new, modern robotics industry is young and characterised by volatility, risks and uncertainty for new startups and investors. With that in mind, the mission, business model and strategies of Blue Ocean Robotics serves only one single purpose - to Manage Risks in a way that maximizes the total Return on Investment (ROI) for all our partners, co-owners and employees.


This is why Blue Ocean Robotics invests resources and capital into the exponentially growing robotics industry at large through a carefully selected portfolio of robotic projects rather than betting everything on just one single project.


Some key-features of running our Risk Management are;


  • Positive cash-flow and net profit from commercialisation and international sales.
  • Acquisition of deep customer, market and application know-how.
  • Accumulation of equity from spin-outs and other robot companies.
  • Creation and acquisition of product/technology IPR/co-ownerships.
  • Risk (uncertainty & volatility) spreading due to portfolio strategy.
  • Fast and easy access to markets via bundling with third party robots.
  • Unique methodology for end-user based design (RoBi-Design).
  • Unique methodology for early-stage commercialisation (RoBi-GoToMarket).
  • Strong resource-/capital-base due to partnership strategy.
  • Exponential growth based on global representations (joint-venture) partnership programme.

Product Development

Blue Ocean Robotics creates new robotic solutions through our Product Development activity. It is based on the so-called RoBi-Design programme. Some key characteristics are;


  • RoBi-Design is essentially a partnership programme combined with a design methodology.
  • Focus is to design a new, novel robotic-solution concept as well as the enterprise to make it real.
  • Partners are often end-users with a dream of disrupting the way they do their business.
  • Partners are also existing robotic companies looking for complementary or additional competences.
  • Partners can also be entrepreneurs, business angels and investors with high quality ideas.
  • Partners can be private engagements as well as public through PPP's (Public-Private-Partnerships).
  • The design methodology builds on a user-centered and user-participatory approach.
  • It is holistic and includes technology, business-model, human resources, investment and management.
  • We aim at application-specific and easy-to-use robotic solutions built for a global market.





For many users and their organizations robots are a new kind of technology which the users must learn to use properly first before their organizations can efficiently implement the robots at large and transform their way of working (business processes) and eventually realize positive impacts on quality-of-life, working environments and productivity for their employees and customers.


During the early stages of commercializing and bringing diruptive robots into new markets the users are often unaware of the potential. In this way there is no "pull" from the market. There is as such no market yet but only the potential for developing a new market, and in fact a blue-ocean market. A significant "push" from the suppliers through marketing, sales and reference projects is required in order to transform into an established market with a "pull" from the users because the robots are now integrated into their development plans.


Blue Ocean Robotics is specialized in commercializing and bringing new disruptive robots into the markets and thus also creating the blue-ocean markets. We do it with our own robots as well as with robots from third party vendors engaging in a partnership with us (RoBi-GoToMarket).


Our RoBi-GoToMarket commercialization methodology has three closely coupled elements;

  1. Categorization of the Robotic Solutions
  2. Seven (7) Development-Factors
  3. Symbiotic Marketing, Sales & Development


1. Categorization of the Robotic Solutions

  • Cat. #1: Fully matured robot solutions with references, proven value propositions, ready for large scale growth.
  • Cat. #2: Robot solutions are being matured through our Seven (7) Development-Factors process at strategic end-users' sites.
  • Cat. #3: Robot solutions are either entirely new, or they are undergoing some significant technical development.

Blue Ocean Robotics use the category of a given robotic solution to allocate personell resources to the associated commercialization; The higher the category the more personell manhours are invested; The lower the category the higher the personell competence level must be. In this way we can optimize and balance our resource and capital investments between short- and long term, lower- and higher risk opportunities, existing- versus new markets, etc. It gives us a robust mechanism for operating a portfolio of commercializations with an optimal Return-on-Investment (ROI).


2. Seven (7) Development-Factors

When we engage strategic end-users in early-stage projects we always include at least seven (7) development factors. The essence is that these projects are not just a delivery, installation and run-in of the robots; They are in fact focusing on developing several factors of relevance to the end-user's ability to benefit from the robotic solutions. Therefore these projects are seen as mutual development or innovation rather than just a sales, installation and deployment transaction taking place. The 7 Development-Factors are;

  1. Usability / User experience. The ways in which users can best operate the robots.
  2. Work processes. The way work processes should be set up optimially.
  3. Competences. The training and competences required for the end-user's staff.
  4. Service/Support. The internal as well as external supporting structures.
  5. Infrastructure. Changes or challenges with infrastructure to be dealt with and how.
  6. Business-Case. What are the exonomical parameters and the value propositions.
  7. Technical adaptation. Changes to be made in order to fit perfectly with the needs.

3. Symbiotic Marketing, Sales & Development

The early-stage projects with strategic end-users and work with the Seven (7) Development-Factors goes hand-in-hand with creating awareness in the market. This is executed by embedding outreach activities within the early-stage projects and includes activities like;

  • Workshops to discuss opportunities, results, methodologies or challenges in an open forum.
  • On-site visits at- and facilitated by the end-users to see the robotic solutions in operation.
  • Newsletters to interested subscribers where updates on results and progress is reported.
  • Interest Groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other relevant social medias to host debates.
  • Pitch of new updates, results and perspectives to relevant medias to address larger audiences.
  • Press-releases to broad medias locally and internationally - again to target a broad audience.
  • Content published on various websites for public access to non-confidential information.
  • Activating a chain of marketing activities to create significant viral spreading of results.
  • Exhibiting at relevant events showcasing the robotic solutions and the obtained results.
  • Conference presentations of work being done, perspectives and results obtained.
  • Etc.

By carefully planning and executing the early-stage projects hand-in-hand with a significant communication to a broad audience and interested next-in-row end-users it is possible to create a growing awareness, interst and sales - while transforming the market from "push" to "pull".



Blue Ocean Robotics is an international company group with local presence across the globe including America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The company has its headquarter in the city of Odense (www.odenserobotics.dk) in Denmark.


Blue Ocean Robotics operates and expands internationally primarily through a Joint-Venture (JV) programme, secondarily through engaging traditional distributors or so-called Sales Partners (SP).


1. Joint-Venture (JV).

The Blue Ocean Robotics JV programme offers individuals and existing enterprises an opportunity to co-own, co-found and be the CEO of a new Blue Ocean Robotics company in the group. Some of the key features of the programme are;

  • The Blue Ocean Robotics headquarter in Denmark and our local partner co-found and co-own the JV.
  • Our local partner invests time and capital to get the JV to a positive cash-flow and liquidity state.
  • The JV has a Franchise-like set up; we provide the brand name, logo, website, robots, training, partner programmes, etc.
  • Our local partner is the CEO or there can be several co-CEO's (partners).
  • Our local partner must have the competence, experience and network to make the JV grow and prosper.
  • Our local partner must have an entrepreneurial mindset and be open for exploring new opportunities.
  • Our local partner must value working in collaboration with the other local partners and employees internationally.
  • The JV can be specialized and work with a subset of the full scope of the Blue Ocean Robotics business domain.
  • The JV will comply at all times to the overall mission, business model and strategies.
  • The JV operates non-exclusively, and it is not limited by geography, markets, technology or products.

2. Sales Partner (SP).

Enterprises with an interest in selling some of our robots are engaged in various ways to support the sales-, support- and service outreach globally. We do it through classical distribution agreements or through sales representatives.




Blue Ocean Robotics is a leading provider of emerging robotic solutions- and services to improve for humans -

  • Quality-of-Life
  • Working Environments
  • Productivity


In addition, it is a strategic target to focus on robotic solutions which are -

  • Application-specific
  • Easy-to-use


Click here for an overview of our robotic solutions organized according to branches and applications.






Blue Ocean Strategy

For a majority of our robotic solutions we are the first mover in the new markets. This is our strategy - to position ourselves according to a Blue Ocean Strategy - which also gave us our company name - and a unique competitive advantage.

Facts (Dec. 2015)

Here follows some key numbers and facts about Blue Ocean Robotics by Dec. 2015;

  • Annual growth approx. 120%
  • Positive annual net profit every year
  • Denmark (headquarter)
  • Subsidiaries in Lithuania, Hong Kong, USA, Sweden, Germany
  • Subsidiaries under way in Norway, Benelux, Australia
  • Distributors (sales partners) in: Europe, USA, Asia
  • 14 companies in the Group (10 new to come in 2016)
  • Funding for 7-new robot-developments secured
  • 90 staffs in group (+10 job positions open)

Blue Ocean Robotics started February 1'st, 2013. It was founded by Dr. Claus Risager, Mr. Rune K. Larsen and Dr. John Erland Østergaard.