Zeno og Nao - two humanoid robots

The two humanoid robots are implemented in the children’s house Milky Way and the children’s house Heimdal

The two humanoid robots, Nao and Zeno, which are implemented in the municipality of Faxe “lives” in the children homes, which is the same as a kindergarten. A short characteristic of a humanoid robot is that it looks like a human with legs and arms and a head. Most humanoid robots are designed to imitate the human rhetoric around the eyes and the mouth. Nao is supposed to be used with pre-school students at the Heimdal institution. The main focus will be on inclusion and motor function. The other robot, Zeno, is going to be working with a shielded group at the Milky Way institution. The robot is going to help students with their ability to concentrate as well as their language skills. The robot can work with individuals just as well as it can work with groups of children.

"Zeno likes pizza with candy and Nao can play "Simon says"

Zeno is 50 cm tall and looks like a brisk boy from a cartoon. He speaks 26 languages and is primarily used in social working - especially because his facial mimic is off the charts. He also likes to say funny things to the children like “I like pizza with candy on it” which captures the children’s attention.

Nao has better motor skills, and he likes to play the game “Simon says” where the children have to follow the robot whether it is a physical movement or an English word that they have to say in Danish. Nao is very physical and uses his whole body, while Zeno primarily stands still and uses his facial mimic.





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