Beam brings families closer together, Faxe Municipality

BeamPro brings nursing home residents and their families closer together, in an innovation project at Solhavecenteret in Karise, Denmark.

BeamPro makes it possible for relatives, who lives far away, to come and visit their family members at the nursing home "Solhavecenteret" in Karise, Demark.


BeamPro is a telepresence robot. You don't have to be present at the nursing home to use it, just log on from your computer wherever you are, and start your conversation. BeamPro increases the quality of life for the users. It is now possible to increase the frequency of visits - even if their relatives e.g live abroad.


Eventually, BeamPro will possible also be used by doctors and physiotherapist who then can follow up with their patients with this remote presence system. 

Visit from France

Here you can see how it went for Elly Kristensen - who lives in Bourgogne, France - when she visit here mother at the nursing home "Solhavecenteret" by using BeamPro. 


BeamPro arrives to the Municipality of Faxe, Denmark

Here you can see how the staff, at the nursing home "Solhavecenteret", reacted when they met BeamPro for the first time. 


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