Claus Risager


B.Sc. in Computer Science (ICT), M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics, Ph.D. in Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (AI)


More than 25 years of experience (since 1988) in robotics with expertise in development, innovation and entrepreneurship. Educated and researcher at the University of Southern Denmark (1988-1994). Robotics engineer at Odense Steel Shipyard A/S (Lindø) (1995-1999), including a leadership and management education from the A.P. Møller-Mærsk industry group. Created one of Europe’s largest innovation-institutes in robotics with more than 85 experts as the founder and head of the Centre of Robot Technology at DTI (Danish Technological Institute). Founder and President of DTI Robotics, Inc. in Atlanta, USA (2010-2012). Holds a NLP Master Practitioner degree from FuturePace and Executive Programme Certificate from Singularity University (NASA/Silicon Valley). Experienced entrepreneur and leader of robotic companies in Europe, USA and Asia with more than 10 startups (joint ventures). Co-Founder of the Blue Ocean Robotics group and Co-Founder and Partner (Co-CEO) of Blue Ocean Robotics in Denmark. Member of the Board of Directors in a number of the subsidiaries and affiliated companies in the Blue Ocean Robotics group (check Claus' LinkedIn profile to see more), including but not limited to; Scape Technologies A/S, RoboBusiness Europe ApS, LapTics IVS, Green Robots ApS and Blue Ocean Robotics in Sweden, USA, Hong Kong and Germany.


Holds an extensive international network to more than 5.000 piers in Europe and around the world. He is a member of more than 20 boards and panels in Europe and outside. Has given more than 200 talks about robotics and holds international positions at IFR and formerly EURON/EUROP. Co-organiser of RoboBusiness Europe. Assisting the European Commission in reviewing and evaluating European proposals and projects.


Claus has been leading several large cross-disciplinary research- development- and innovation projects focused on creating impact for the industry and individual businesses. Experienced with Public-Private Partnerships and bridging from academia to business. Portfolio includes more than 100 projects like; hybrid grippers; tele-presence and service robots for elderly care; AGVs; Paro robot-seal for dementia care; modular assembly robot system; 3 cooperating robots for winding unique and complex carbon fibre based products; advanced bin-picker grippers and vision systems; 2-armed robots for handling paper in graphics industry; robot co-workers for intuitive skill-based programming via multi-modal interfaces; web-based services to support gripper development and operation; apple-picker robot; robotic-game system for exercising elderly; eating assistive and bathing robots for disabled; garbage-can robot for efficient public maintenance of parks; tele-operated lightweight robot co-workers for manipulation in manufacturing; Humaniod robots in Danish schools as an efficient learning tool and for increased inclusion; and more. Science and technological skills include; robot motion-/path planning; simulation; grippers; manipulation; gripper-design; grasp-simulation; AGV navigation; SLAM; mobility; sensors; sensor-fusion (basic); vision (very basic); AI; Decision-Support; search-based optimization (Genetic alg./Simul.Ann.); design; Human-Robot Interaction; Multi-Modal interactions; and more.




Rune K. Larsen


B.Sc. Data Technology, M.Sc. Robotics, E-MBA Change Management


As the former co-founder and CEO of Amrose A/S,  co-founder and Head of RoboCluster, CEO Scape Technologies and Head of Business Development at DTI, current and previous board positions in technology companies  he has an in-depth know-how about robotics and its industrial application, industrial robot systems as well as development of new robotic solutions for other areas. Rune is responsible for Blue Ocean Robotics’ incubation activities which bring robots from a research state to a product in a market.





John Erland Østergaard


B.Sc. Electrical Eng., M.Sc. Physics & Comp.Sc, Ph.D. Physics, MBA

As a former Professor MSO and Institute Director-SDU, CEO-Alight Technologies, Project Manager-NKT Research and Innovation, he has a Ph.D. degree within semi-conductor optics and his research led to startup of the company Alight Technologies (2002) and DOPS Annual Price 2002. He has been research leader on large research project under the Strategic Research Council within plasmonic sensing (2006-2008). As Innovation Professor he founded the company Fionia Lighting A/S (2008) which today produces LED based light for greenhouses, as well as Othonia Curing Technology A/S (2012).





Thomas Solupajev Ronlev


B.Sc. in Business & Administration 


Having lived in Lithuania since 1998, building bridge and developing projects between The Baltic States and Scandinavia Thomas has gained experience in large projects, where investors and project partners from different countries have had to work together as a team – building the project plans and following up they were executed. This has included:

  • Moving and establishing factories
  • Building up production partnerships
  • Acquisitions of companies
  • Working on larger EU and public funded projects with an aim to bring partner from Scandinavia and Baltic States closer to each other

Thomas is former Chairman/President of Danish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania and have had a vital role in building the Danish business community in Lithuania. Thus, building cross-boarder ties between business and politics, Thomas has taken the lead on:

  • An official business delegation headed by H.M. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark - done together with major Danish and Lithuanian industrial and political players.
  • Establishing an innovation conference and traditions around business and political link, including leading european keynote speakers – and focusing on Business Model Innovation.
  • Establishing a Danish-Lithuanian investment conference tradition organized in Copenhagen, with best practice companies as speakers and a delegation from Lithuania to join.
  • Heading various business delegations.
  • As for this nominated in 2015 by Global Lithuanian Leaders as The friend of Lithuania.

Thomas is Co-founder of Lithuanian Financial Markets Institute and Co-founder of Blue Ocean Robotics Lithuania. Hereby Thomas is taking part in developing a number of new standard robot solutions:

  • Wallmo – glassmounting robot
  • Bendsai – bending machine robot
  • Fisheye – drone solution for the fishery industry
  • Nanorig – tagging solution
  • Box folder robot.




Justinas Katkus


B.Sc. Software Engineering., Analytical System Design


As the Founder and former Director of StartupSpace at Kaunas Technology University, a first Start-up Centre in Lithuania, he has been one of the key people in building the Startup ecosystem for the last 5 years, which led to more than 40 new companies now launched at StartupSpace. Being a very passionate product developer has built more than 20 IT/electronics products and has established 6 companies of his own before in Mobile software, Analytics, Gaming and Electronics. One of the recent companies Justinas helped build and has now successfully exited was a UK based Startup building personalized recommendation engines targeted at beauty consumers. Previously ran as System Architect and Developer at IBM in Finland, building an analytics system for smart-automated ticket analysis for Elisa (one of the biggest Finnish telecom Operators).




Lennart Karlsson


M.Sc. in Vehicle Engineering






Dr. Claus Lenz



is Co-founder and Managing Director of Blue Ocean Robotics GmbH. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in 2005 and a Diploma in 2007 in electrical engineering with a focus in human-machine communication. He worked in the research cluster “Cognition for Technical Systems” funded by the DFG in the excellence initiative on projects regarding visual perception and joint human robot collaboration, where he received the degree of doctor in 2011. He has published more than 20 publications on his main areas of interest including (cognitive) robotics, human-robot interaction and collaboration, and visual tracking. He has successfully completed a variety of innovation and development projects with the company Cognition Factory GmbH, where he is one of the founders.





Thorsten Röder


M.Sc. Informatics



Thorsten Röder is Co-founder and Managing Director of Blue Ocean Robotics GmbH in Germany. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in 2006 and a Master of Science degree in 2008 in Computer Science from the Technische Universität München (TUM). He joined the TUM research staff in 2008, where he worked for several national and EU-funded projects on people tracking, object tracking, sensor fusion, intuitive robot interfaces, high-speed data processing, task descriptions, reasoning systems, system architectures of software-intensive dynamic systems and has a professional background in the areas of computer vision, high-performance computing, computing and software architecture, concurrent processes and systems. He is a convinced advocate for the C++ programming language with all his heart. He founded his first company with the age of 18 selling computer hardware to local institutions and companies. From 2003 he was Co-founder and Managing Director of VisionAlive GmbH for 7 consecutive years - providing consulting services for large scale IT infrastructure projects, distributed computing and product development for the educational sector. As of 2011 he is also Co-founder and Managing Director of Cognition Factory GmbH providing custom robot development and consulting services. 





Ivan John Storr


Founder & Director of Macrobotix, one of twelve 2015 Finalists worldwide in the Intelligent Robots & Systems IEEE Entrepreneurship Forum & Start Up Competition with the 'Skyline Printer' - a robot for painting buildings without exposing people to the safety risks of working at heights.
With a background in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, studies in Technology Entrepreneurship, Robotics & Robotic Vision, Ivan serves clients as the interface between business, technical & customer stakeholders. 
With more than 15 years experience in senior technology Program & Project Management roles he manages evaluation, implementation, integration, support, change management and benefit realisation of major technology investments for a diverse range of clients. Experience in Australia, UK, Italy, India, Cambodia, as well as challenging environments such as emergency response projects in Haiti and South Sudan.