About our Innovation Projects

The overall purpose of our Innovation Projects is to show and demonstrate how the robot solution performs in a given application scenario. This evaluation is based on 7-developmental factors and is of critical importance to our customers and ourselves because for many users and their organizations:


  • robots are a new type of technology
  • which the users first have to learn how to use properly
  • before the organizations can efficiently implement the robots and transform their way of working (business processes)
  • in order to finally achieve improved quality-of-life, working environments and productivity
  • for their employees and customers

Blue Ocean Robotics works with customers in phases for every new robot solution. A robot solution can be used in a specific application scenario and with specific hardware and software supporting it- in order to find the perfect fit in each organization, Blue Ocean Robotics begins with an Innovation Project for every new robot solution.




3 Categories of Robot Maturity

We divide our portfolio of robot solutions into 3 categories and work with them accordingly:

Category #1 (Full Scale Innovation Projects)

Fully matured robot solutions with references and clear potentials for improvements on a) quality-of-life, b) working environment, c) productivity.

Category#2 (Innovation Projects)

Robot solutions are being matured through a limited number of (7-developmenatl factors) projects with partners and customers.

Category #3 (Robi-X or R&D)

Robot solutions are either entirely new, or they are undergoing some significant technical development.


Blue Ocean Robotics engages in strategic innovation partnerships (incl. PPP - Public Private Partnerships) with early-adopters among organizations that use our robotic solutions 

7 Factors of Evaluation

During the past three years, we have developed the following analysis based on our experiences from our Innovation Projects with different municipalities.


The analysis comprises seven developmentall factors to evaluate the inclusion of a robotic solution in the organization during the whole Innovation Project phase:


1) User experience: Collecting direct feedback on the user experiences for the respective robotic system in terms of quality-of-life, ease of use and user issues.


2) Work processes/ Organization: Identifying work processes that must be set up in the organization for the robotic solution to work most efficiently.


3) Competences: Identifying knowledge gaps where the organization’s personnel need to acquire new skills in form of training.


4) Service/Support: Setting up relevant training for the organization’s personnel, and organizing the necessary service and support for successful deployment of the robotic solution.


5) Infrastructure: Identifying hindering factors in the building e.g. technology-problems such as low internet connection.


6) Business-Case: Setting up parameters for a business case and identify the data of the economics that emerge from implementing the robotic systems.


7) Technical adaptation: Identify the need for hardware and software modifications to increase first six factors.


 Innovation Projects can take up to 16 + weeks and are divided into the following steps, that we update continuously based on our experiences: 


Step 1:

  • Preparation of the robot (technical set up, installation etc.)
  • Innovation project plan is being developed together with the organization
  • Kick off workshop: a combination of theoretical and practical use of the robot solution and a walk through the 7 developmental factors of evaluation, their purpose and description (3-5 hours)

Step 2:

  • Organization's staff becomes familiar with the robot solution
  • A close cooperation around the robot solution.
  • Weekly contact (skype, on site visit, mail, phone etc.)
  • Training/working with the robot (adapting to context and users)
  • Steering committee meeting
  • Collecting data of the 7 factors of evaluation

Step 3:

  • Analysis of the 7 factors of evaluation
  • Final workshop (2 hours)
  • Final steering committee meeting for big scale implementation


You can go to our Case-Stories section and read more about our completed Innovation Projects.



Beam Pro at Solhavecentret in Karise, Faxe Municipality.




Romibo at Kick-Off Workshop, Faxe Municipality.




Zeno at kindergarten Mælkevejen, Faxe Municipality.




TUG "Roberta" at Fuglsangsø Centret, Herning Municipality.


























Robo 2 at Silkeborg townhall.