Diginova becomes new salespartner in Netherlands

Press Release - 2016-11-23
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Blue Ocean Robotics announces new partnership with the Dutch Diginova

ODENSE, DENMARK - NOVEMBER Blue Ocean Robotics, today announces a new sales partnership with Diginova. The partnership enables Blue Ocean Robotics to provide emerging robotic solutions for the Dutch Healthcare sector through Diginova.

"The population is ageing. For our healthcare it means that both the clients and the employees are getting older. That same Dutch healthcare is one of the most expensive, if we compare the costs towards working people. It is frightening, how long will our community be able to support people that can't independently take care for their own health? As CEO of DigiNova I will use all my power to make every individual independent in care, as a consumer or a professional. Diginova will support, healthcare organisations, professionals and clients by the use of new Robots. We deliver high quality products with the focus on independence and comfort." says Luuk Hazenberg, CEO of Diginova.



 "We are very excited about our new sales partner Diginova, since it is of great importance for Blue Ocean Robotics to expand our sales of new technologies beyond Denmark's borders. Blue Ocean Robotics focuses on creating new markets for robots. This includes both the development of new technologies and the creation of a new market for revolutionary robot solutions through the attention the robots creates in users. We welcome Diginova with open arms and look forward to a fruitful collaboration in the years ahead." says Claus Risager, Rune K. Larsen & John Erland Østergaard, Partners and Co-CEOs, Blue Ocean Robotics.

Diginova will be making the telepresence robots VGo, Beam+, Beam+Max and BeamPro available in Netherlands. On the healthcare market the UV-Disinfection robot will be available through Diginova. The Cubelets and Zeno education robots will also be available through Diginova.

About Diginova

Diginova is a company that works with healthcare-, security- and foodindustry in Netherlands. Diginova was started in 1999 to support organisations in their change process, it was growing to a company with skills in health- finance, automation and change management. The next change in Healthcare is to introduce, accept and use the Robot.

About Blue Ocean Robotics

Blue Ocean Robotics apply robot technology to create solutions and innovation for end-users and new businesses in partnerships.


Jaap van Leeuwen

CEO at Blue Ocean Robotics Benelux B.V.
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Luuk Hazenberg

Henrik Jacobsen

Vice President of International Sales
B.Sc. Production Engineering
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