Iranian Software Developer joins Blue Ocean Robotics in Denmark

Press Release - 2017-01-03
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Behrouz Hosseini, an Iranian Software Developer has joined Blue Ocean Robotics’ Product Development Team in Odense.

ODENSE, DENMARK — NOVEMBER Blue Ocean Robotics is pleased to announce the recruitment of Behrouz Hosseini, as of December 2016. Behrouz is a Software Developer with experience in ASP.NET, PHP and highly specialized in back-end development. Behrouz joins the Product Development team and will be working on the Business Assessment Tool (BAT).


Behrouz has a Masters degree of Information Management from the University of the East in Philippines with thesis in Security in RFID Systems and BS.c in Computer Science from Sajjad Higher Education in Iran.

-“We are proud to welcome Behrouz Hosseini to Denmark and Blue Ocean Robotics. Behrouz joins Blue Ocean Robotics with a highly specialized knowledge that can bring our development to an even higher level. We are always looking for talents within robotic development as we have an all-round portfolio of products, including solutions for healthcare, production, education and construction industries.”, says Claus Risager, Rune K. Larsen and John Erland Østergaard, Co-CEOs and Founding Partners at Blue Ocean Robotics.


-"Working at Blue Ocean Robotics is very interesting for me because I am working with an international team of professionals and learning about Robots - which is a very attractive atmosphere to be in right now”, says Behrouz Hosseini.

We are happy to welcome Behrouz to Blue Ocean Robotics.


Thomas Rubaek

VP of Development
MSc. in Bio technology
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