What should be Automated, and how?

We support your organization throughout an automation investment decision process, helping you to find the best automation solution for your needs and make the optimum decision.




SAFIR is an Automation Decision Support System that assists companies in automation and robotics investment decisions. These decisions ensure internal strategic alignment and are supported by a network of automation experts and automation providers – we call this a Strategic Robotic Roadmap.


We have optimized and standardized the processes of the SAFIR service. Therefore, your company will be offered a very competitive and attractive price for each step.


The SAFIR decision support system is a structured way to handle automation investment opportunities that ensure quick and exact:

  • Recognition and documentation of automation opportunities in production
  • Initial technological and financial investment analysis for automation opportunities
  • Preparation of a Strategic Robotic Roadmap as a basis for decisions on automation investments
  • Supplier search within a network of relevant and competitive providers
  • Assistance in supplier selection


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References and experiences

From May 2013 to May 2015 SAFIR was used to describe more than 60 potential automation projects in 30 Danish SME’s. Of these potential projects, more than 20 showed a return of investments in less than 3 years and more than 10 a return of investments in less than 2 years. All in all, 13 projects were initiated with a total investment of 25M Danish kroner.



Use cases

SAFIR in metal processing industry

NSM A/S from Kolding, Denmark, a producer of complicated stainless steel and high-strength steel solutions, also prioritized three potential automation projects together with SAFIR. 


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SAFIR in plastic processing and rubber industries

An example is Olet Industrigummi A/S from Vejen, Denmark, specialized in the flexible production of rubber workpieces. They were interested in automating their production process but were not sure which project would be most beneficial to be automated.


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The importance

Productivity: By just using the same automation and robotic technologies as those most in front in your own sector you can in average gain 15% productivity.


Success rate: Many automation projects fail because the supplier did either not understand the task fully from the start or did not have the required competencies in the end.


RoI: Getting the maximum RoI in terms not only of money but higher quality, better work environment or bigger capacity etc. require thorough analysis of the processes that is under consideration to be automated.


Blue Ocean Robotics have built, the tool, SAFIR, working together with Region Southern Denmark and a larger number of companies from the region that gives:
Clear description of what processes could be automated - and what should not be considered
Clear overview on which automation solutions are realistic and should be prioritized (based on figures, calculations, inputs from potential suppliers and prioritization)
What suppliers has the right competences - and will in the end provide a solution that full fill the initial requirements.


A manufacturing company can specify and document a production process in 2-3 hours without any prior knowledge or expertise in automation.


A Strategic Automation Roadmap will be developed and a conclusion on the most beneficial automation projects will be provided.


Project information and a set of clarifying questions on the highest prioritized project will be gathered.


SAFIR searches for automation providers with core competencies in the presented processes and asks them to supply references to existing installations that fulfill the requirements.


World-class experts assess answers from providers and provide feedback and suggested approaches that could be taken.


All this will be executed, formatted and delivered to the manufacturing company in under 1 month, and with a world-class quality level, thus resulting in a fast, low-cost and low-risk decision-making process.


The SAFIR service substantially expedites and optimizes increasing automation penetration especially in manufacturing SMEs.



Results & Effects

Automation Customers


  • To make substantiated (fast, low-cost, high-quality) decisions on investments
  • Deployments of state-of-the-art robot technologies
  • Automation solution fits perfectly with specific demand
  • Resulting in higher output and margins on production



Automation Providers


  • To re-sell state-of-the-art and expertise market technologies and solutions to most relevant clients
  • Increased sales radius with less effort
  • Extend the geographical market
  • Access the possibility to strengthen competences, technologies and competitiveness within a specific niche

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