Romibo for children and adults with special needs


Romibo is a social robot for children and adults with special needs. The robot is used when training social and academic skills, which includes social interaction (being able to answer a question, the ability to be in a dialog, listening when asked about something, attention and much more.) As well as social communication (Letting other people talk before you do yourself, control of impulses in a conversation, understanding the meaning of what people say to you and concentration of the robot and its errand.)


Romibo is used in specific situations, where there is a wish of improving the patient's focus and concentration skills in comparison to a given situation. Romibo is a highly specialized aid tool, with great effect on certain people. Romibo is your friend, no matter if you are having trouble with focusing in school or if you are a patient at a hospital.

About Romibo

Romibo is covered in fur, and can speak 26 languages. You can control every interaction right from your IPad. You can Romibo say whatever you write or play from earlier sessions. Because of the fact that Romibo is connected to the internet, you can download, create and share your interactions in the public online library. Romibo has been designed in a way that makes it very easy to use from a smartphone app. All you need to get started with Romibo is this:


  1. An IPad

  2. An IPod Touch or IPhone 4 (Or a newer model)


The IPod works as Romibos eyes and brain, and you use the IPad to control it. This makes all future software updates simple, because it works in the same way, as updating an app on your phone.

Scenario - language ability

A 10 year old boy with autism uses Romibo to train his ability to speak. The ability to answer in whole complete sentences when he is asked about something, is very difficult for him. He rarely talks, and when he does, it’s short words like ‘’yes’’ and ‘’no’’. Romibo makes him want to speak. His behavior becomes impulsive.

Especially on his birthday, where he starts asking Romibo if the robot wants to hear what he got as a gift. This is a very long sentence for a boy who normally only says ‘’yes’’ and ‘’no’’. Romibo answers the boy, and he continues with telling it what he got.

Scenario - Foreign language

A 10 year old girl is diagnosed with ADHD, and has a hard time in her english classes. Her concentration and ability to concentrate is challenged by everything that is going on around her. She has a personal feeling of being bad at english, and she does not want to speak in front of the class. Romibo is a good study friend for her.  It is safe, predictable and recognizable for her to talk to Romibo. It is not nearly as hard to answer Romibo’s questions in english, as it is during class. Romibo responds with a happy voice every time.

English is now a lot more fun, and she has gained confidence. She has now, with the help of Romibo, created a new identity in her english classes.  

Results & Effects

Life quality

  • Improved concentration as well as attention.

  • Reduced negative behavior

  • Less stress

  • Improved ability to speak/communicate

  • Control of impulses

  • Wait for others to talk

  • Social interaction


Working environment

  • Specialized aid tool

  • ‘’Assisting teacher’’

  • More time to do other tasks


Productivity & Economy

  • ROI (Return on investment) Max. 6-9 months

  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) 650-750 DKK/month



Romibo is delivered with 14 weeks of demonstraion projects, training sessions, which have been approved by Blue Ocean Robotics. The training sessions are suited for a specific age group, with a cognitive development level of 5-12 years. We gather important information and experiences by doing interviews, videos and inquiry forms.


It is well known that Romibo is a highly specialized aid tool for specific users and situations. The knowledge on which the focus is on, is about how the robot is used, and how to get the best results. There is also a great focus on the documentation of the 7 areas:


  1. Usefullness

  2. Organisation of work

  3. Coworker competences

  4. Service & support

  5. Infrastructure

  6. Business case

  7. Adaption of the technology



We offer comprehensive service and support during the whole process. When done, we will be at your service with advice and  technical assistance.


Rikke Voldsgaard Risager

Vice President of Innovation
BA. of Education, Dipl. in Educational Psychology
+45 7199 5601

Peter Juhl Voldsgaard

Business Developer
Graduate Certificate in Business Administration
+45 7199 5622


Municipality of Lolland, Denmark

Municipality of Faxe, Denmark