Mini-Picker for Small Industrial-Parts


Increase productivity and improve worker environment with the Mini-Picker. By using robots to perform repetitive, mundane jobs, operators are free to do higher value jobs.  


Combining flexible robots with the standardized Mini-Picker software suite, the advanced tool unit including gripping technologies and an integrated vision sensor system we are able to offer a unique and cost-effective solution for bin-picking.


The Mini-Picker is a complete solution for identifying and picking items from bins, pallets or boxes. By utilizing leading 3D vision the Mini-Picker is easy to deploy and support. We provide the Mini-picker in partnership with SCAPE technologies. 


Complete standardized mobile Bin-Picker cell includes a base frame and can work with either one large bin or 2 smaller bins. The system comes with one suction cup gripper but can easily be expanded with another gripper which can be either a suction cup or a two finger parallel gripper.


The robot can pick parts weighing up to 0,7 kg and move them up to 1.6 meters - depending on which robot brand is used.


”Robotic random bin-picking is the ability of vision guided robot arms to locate and pick individual parts from a jumble of parts piled randomly in a bin or container.”  –AutomationWorld

Technical Brochure

To download the technical brochure for mini-picker UR5 version and KUKA version, please fill this form and click on the submit button.

Compatible Robots

The Mini-Picker solution is compatible with different leading robot providers such as Universal Robots, KUKA Robots and ABB Robotics. This makes the Mini-Picker very flexible and it can therefore be modified for different customer demands.


The Mini-Picker solution is currently available to be provided with Universal Robots UR5 and soon will be available with each of the following robots:


  • KUKA KR 6 R900 SIXX
  • ABB IRB 1200-5/0.9


The Mini-Picker can be modified on basis of costumer demands so that other robot brands and a wider range of models can be used - such as Epson or the UR10.


We also have solutions for handling larger parts using additional robot brands. Contact us for details.

Scenario: Machine Loading

  • A bin of parts is presented to the robot.
  • The robot moves the 3D vision sensor over the bin, which detects and locates the optimal part to pick.
  • The robot moves in and picks the part, placing it into a punch press, lathe or CNC machine.
  • Depending on the precision needed, some parts benefit from a secondary vision operation to refine the part location before loading the part into the machine.
  • The cycle is repeated. 

Scenario: Assembly & Material Handling

  • A bin of parts is presented to the robot.
  • The robot moves the 3D vision sensor over the bin, which scans and locates the optimal part to pick.
  • The robot moves in and picks the part and performs the desired operation. Which could be assembly, kitting or part transfer.
  • Depending on the precision needed, some parts benefit from a secondary vision operation to refine the part location before performing the desired operation.
  • The cycle is repeated. 

Bin-picker and machine tools collaboration

More and more European manufacturing companies, have discovered the benefits of fully automating the bin-picking process in collaboration with machine tools, where improvement in productivity, reduction in expenses and improvement of working environment is required.

Case story: Bin-picker and cold forging collaboration

Every hour, as much as 500 heavy cylinders pass through the production at DFT Presswork on Als in Denmark. The metal cylinders, each with an average weight of one to five kilos, enter the production   area in large boxes, from where they are moved to the dies that shape the cylinders to the final   structure – among other things, for use in the German automotive industry.

Today the task is being managed by a super advanced bin-picking robot system.  By using a 3D vision program and a 360-degree   rotation gripping tool, the robot’s gripping arm gently handpicks the individual components with millimeter precision and delivers them to the dies – without any noise, smoke breaks or risks of industrial injuries.

Results & Effects

  • Mini-picker solution dramatically improves utilization of the machine, especially on second and third shift operations.
  • The robot is collaborative* and can work alongside people. Based on your preferences and the chosen solution, the robot can easily be moved and redeployed to perform new jobs.
  • Our standardized bin-picking solution has a short delivery and implementation time for effective bin-picking automation. Blue Ocean Robotics minimizes cost, minimizes risk and ensures robot based reliability.
  • Part Training StudioTM enables you to perform full training of new parts for Bin-Picking and Orientation Control without programming. Offline training is based on 3D CAD models.


 * All robot installations require a risk assessment to ensure worker safety. Please refer to applicable robot safety standards.

Five simple steps

1. Install the Mini-Picker Software Suite on a standard PC to be used as the Mini-Picker Controller.


2. Mount a Mini-Picker tool unit on your robot.


3. Use the standard Mini-Picker software for offline teaching of the robot to recognize and pick the relevant parts.


4. Upload the files to the Mini-Picker Controller.


5. Make your final adjustments during a short run-in.


And now - start emptying the bin!

Basic System

  • Mini-Picker Software Suite
  • Compact Tool Unit w/integrated 3D vision sensor system and vacuum gripper
  • 3D Orientation Control
  • Mini-Picker Controller PC incl. Windows, screen, keyboard and mouse
  • Bin-picking teaching of 3 parts for recognition and gripping
  • Installation, documentation and basic operator training
  • Robot mounted on a standardized robot platform

How it works

1. You send us the information of the project, images and CAD files and requirements for your project.


Please click here to submit the online form.


2. We confirm the feasibility within a few days. (And of course we will let you know if any additional costs for special requirements should be expected.)


3. Once we have received your order and pre-payment, we will do the teaching of the parts for recognition and gripping and upload the files to the Mini-Picker Controller PC.


4. Blue Ocean Robotics will join forces with your preferred Robot integrator or provider and hereby facilitate the delivery of the complete bin-picking solution ready for run-in at your premises.


5. A few final adjustments may be needed during the run-in and then you are able start bin-picking.

Service & Content

We offer a full package of services, support and training for our partners and customers to secure smooth implementation and operation of the bin-picking cell. This includes implementation support, FAT/SAT consultancy, 2nd line support and operator training plus general consultancy and expert assistance.


Are you interested? Please let us know.



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