RoboBusiness USA


RoboBusiness is an annual american robot conference. The conference is held at different locations each year, and this year, it is hosted by San José at the McEnergy convention center from the 28-29 of September. The RoboBusiness conference hand picks the most important operators, leading scientists and businesspeople who deals with development and implementation of new robot technologies in different sectors.


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Why participate?

RoboBusiness sets the standards for the newest technologies in different sectors. Guest and key speakers represents the leading experts from the world of robot technologies, and will talk about the most popular, important and most relevant subjects. They will give you a glimpse into the newest development of robot technologies.


Not only is the leading representatives in the world gathered in one place, leading investment institutions will be present at the RoboBusiness conference. This is also a good time for maintaining your network in a global context.  

A travel of knowledge

Blue Ocean Robotics invites growth interested decision makers and others with an interest in robot technology to RoboBusiness every year. We put together a program during the days leading up to the conference where we bring our guests on a tour to show them the latest robot technologies, start-up companies, research units and other relevant technologies within health care, welfare, education, industry, new trends and research locations.


By participating in these travels, you get the opportunity to get to know the real companies, share knowledge and look for new business partners. The program is different every year, write us to hear about this years RoboBusiness.

Travel with Blue Ocean Robotics

-  September 24-25 : Arrival in San Francisco Saturday the 24. Sunday the 25 is a day off, where you can enjoy San  Francisco. There will be the opportunity of a joint dinner at Fisherman’s Warf later that night.


-  September 26-27: An arranged program, where we will see the newest robots, the newest solutions and the     newest tendencies. You will choose to join one of the three tracks; Industry robotics, Healthcare or Education.


-   September 28-29: RoboBusiness conference at San José McEnergy Convention Center



Prices (flights and accomodation are not included in the packages)


Package 1: 10.500 DKK + taxes (1400 Euro)

- 2 days’ program (choose a track) on September 26-27. Transport during the days, and full access to the RoboBusiness conference in Silicon Valley the 28-29 of September


Package 2: 5.500 DKK + taxes (740 Euro)

- 2 days’ program on September 26-27. Transport during the days. Full access to the RoboBusiness conference in Silicon Valley is not included in this prices.


All prices are reserved with change of course and force majeure 


Rikke Voldsgaard Risager

Vice President of Innovation at Blue Ocean Robotics
BA. of Education, Dipl. in Educational Psychology
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