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Two new awards for Blue Ocean Robotics

A screening among 2500 danish tech startups conducted by the international research institute Tracxn, is recognizing the danish developer and manufacturer of service robots, Blue Ocean Robotics, as a Soonicorn - “Top Tech Startup In Denmark to Watch Out for”. With a steep growth rate and a position as a frontier, Blue Ocean Robotics is about to exploit the potential for service robots on the global market. Besides the Soonicorn award Blue Ocean Robotics received another international award as “Best Covid-19 Response” from Verdict Medical Devices. A recognition derived from the great difference its subsidiary UVD Robots is doing with its disinfection robots. 

Together with other danish tech companies, Traxcn points at Blue Ocean Robotics as a company worth following. Behind the award is one the worlds biggest research institutes. Every year the 750 employees of Tracxn screens more than 800.000 companies globally, so it is considered quite an achievement of the danish service robot venture factory to be part of the Soonicorn Club. In 2020 Blue Ocean Robotics was awarded the title of “Minicorn” by Traxcn. Tracxn helps international investors to identify the most promising company investments.

With the two recents awards, Blue Ocean Robotics has won over twenty awards since its founding in 2012. CEO, Claus Risager is extremely proud of being recognized with the two recent awards: “Awards as these are not just trophy awards. This is the result of the hard work our employees are doing in the efforts to create commercial success through innovation and continuous development. We are proud to bring robots to the market which are contributing to mitigate global problems such as global warming and helping prevent infections from spreading. Furthermore, it is of great value to us, to our investors and also a good investment to our owners”, Claus Risager states. 

Automated service across many sectors
One of the investors of Blue Ocean Robotics, Lars Tvede, is not surprised by the award of being a “Minicorn”. Lars Tvede addresses the pace in the development of Blue Ocean Robotics.

“Blue Ocean Robotics is thriving at the moment and has a huge potential to grow even further in the future. Through my eyes, the company is a favorite in being the next Unicorn (a company valued over $1 billion). At the same time, the company contributes significantly to developing and expanding the exciting robotics cluster in Odense”, says Lars Tvede, who qua his role as an investor are very focused on identifying supertrends

The focus that robotic development has put into automated service tasks show a strong trend in the market. The many employees of Blue Ocean Robotics are dedicated to develop, manufacture, market, sell, deliver, and support the product family of professional service robots. That said, the current portfolio of service robots has great potential to grow both within healthcare, hospitality, agriculture, and the construction sector

Revolutionizing Disinfection
The disinfection robot from the subsidiary UVD Robots is already present in more than 60 countries. A solution increasing the level of safety within healthcare, for health workers, patients, and their relatives by reducing the risk of being infected by bacterias, vira and other harmful microorganisms.

Save Travel Costs and enable Effective Remote Collaboration
The unique telepresence-technology in the GoBe Robot enables customers to reduce travel costs and time thus contributing to reduced CO2, support social distancing and social inclusion, and ensures effective remote communication and collaboration.

Provide Safer and better Patient Transfer and Rehabilitation 
PTR Robot is an innovative solution for proving effective transfer and rehabilitation for the benefit of health workers and patients.

About Blue Ocean Robotics: Award Winning Robot Venture Factory
Blue Ocean Robotics develops, produces and sells professional service robots primarily in healthcare, hospitality, construction, and agriculture. The portfolio of robots includes the brands; UVD Robots, a mobile robot for disinfection; GoBe Robots, a mobile telepresence robot for communication social inclusion and CO2 climate improvements; and PTR Robots, a mobile robot for safe patient handling and rehabilitation. Blue Ocean Robotics develops the robots from problem and idea all the way to scale up. Each robot is placed in its own subsidiary-venture company, making Blue Ocean Robotics the world’s first Robot Venture Factory.


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