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Blue Ocean Robotics announced as finalist: Odense Robotics Awards 2022

Blue Ocean Robotics has been nominated by a great number of peers as a convincing candidate to walk away with the victory in the selection of Robot Company of the Year 2022. Today, the vote starts on which of the 6 finalists will receive a statuette when Odense Robotics reveals the winner on March 23 in year. As an international frontrunner in service robots, Blue Ocean Robotics has delivered on all parameters.

The Robot Company of the Year award is presented by Odense Robotics to a company that in 2022 has excelled in particular. Today, the Odense Robotics cluster includes 260 companies, and Blue Ocean Robotics, together with two other Danish robot companies, Universal Robots and Capra Robotics, has been nominated for the award as Robot Company of the Year.

“We are very proud and honored to be among the finalists for Robot Company of the Year 2022 in Denmark's national robot cluster Odense Robotics. In a time of great shortage of hands in many industries and increased focus on healthy working environment, we are experiencing a sharp increase in demand for robots to help people, and this applies to our entire range of service robots, including UVD Robots, GoBe Robots and PTR Robots, Says Claus Risager, CEO of Blue Ocean Robotics.

Award-winning Funen front runner

Blue Ocean Robotics has already gained much recognition and won many awards for its merits. In total, Blue Ocean Robotics has received a wealth of prestigious awards and awards over the years for its product innovation, design, growth, etc.

Overview of awards Blue Ocean Robotics has won:

  • 2022: Blue Ocean Robotics finalist for Robot Company of the Year in Denmark v. Odense Robotics.
  • 2021: iF International Forum Design GmbH, which every year since 1953 has named the world design winners in its award ceremony with participants from 60 countries, honored Blue Ocean Robotics' disinfection robots UVD Robots as one of the world's 10 most innovative robot companies.
  • 2021: The international analysis house Tracxn named Blue Ocean Robotics among Denmark's 2500 technology entrepreneurs as so-called Soonicorn - Top Tech Startup In Denmark To Watch Out For.
  • 2021: The service robot group received international recognition in the form of the award for “Best Covid-19 Response” from Verdict Medical Devices. It is aimed at UVD Robots and the difference its technology makes globally with its disinfection robots.
    Blue Ocean Robotics and UVD Robots, together with Odense University Hospital, win a prestigious European robot award: euRobotics ’Technology Transfer Award.
  • 2020: UVD Robots and Blue Ocean Robotics selected to receive the prestigious Emerging Technology Award in the field of robotics technology, awarded by the American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME), for UVD Robots.
  • 2020: Tech Tour recognizes Blue Ocean Robotics as one of Europe's 50 leading super-scale-up companies.
  • 2020: Change IDEA Awards named UVD Robots, a brand owned by Blue Ocean Robotics, as the winner of the “Leader in Designing Safety” category.
  • 2020: Blue Ocean Robotics is named European Champion in the development and commercialization of service robots for professional use of the internationally recognized analysis house Frost & Sullivan.
  • 2020: Blue Ocean Robotics, specializing in service robots for the professional market, has just been named one of the 10 most promising technology companies in Denmark by the international analysis house Tracxn and achieves the title Minicorn.
  • 2020: The organization Sustainary, which is behind the selection of Denmark's most sustainable solutions, selected Blue Ocean Robotics and UVD Robots, when the group's CEO, Claus Risager, received the award for Denmark's most sustainable health solution at the SDG Tech Awards.
  • 2019: Blue Ocean Robotics was honored for the company's extraordinary efforts to attract, retain and develop particularly international talent. The company received the honor at Technology Denmark's annual meeting of the Business Pact, which 30 companies signed last year with an ambition to attract more international talent. Among the 30 participants, Blue Ocean Robotics was highlighted as the top scorer.
  • 2019: Blue Ocean Robotics vandt en af robotbranchens største internationale priser, IERA Award - Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Robotics and Automation af IFR/IEEE
  • 2018: Børsen Gazelle
  • 2017: Børsen Gazelle
  • 2016: Bronze at the Startup World Award 2016 at Automatica in Munich
  • 2016: "20 Most Promising Robotics Solution Providers 2016" ved CIO Review - Blue Ocean Robotics.


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