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About Us

At Blue Ocean Robotics we develop, produce and sell professional service robots in healthcare, hospitality, construction, agriculture, and other global markets.

Our portfolio of robots includes brands like; UVD Robot, a mobile robot to disinfect hospitals and pharmacy industries; Multi Tower Robot, a mobile robot for safe patient handling and rehabilitation; and a handful of other service robots. All robots in the portfolio are created and commercialized based on reusable technology- and business modules enabling us to launch and scale new robots better, faster and cheaper than others. Each robot brand is set up in its own subsidiary- venture company focused on commercialization, global distribution and growth managed by a dedicated organisation. Blue Ocean Robotics is the first in the world of its kind - a Robot Venture Factory.

Our Purpose
People use our robots to change the way they work to be more meaningful, rewarding and healthier. We improve quality-of-life and productivity. We make robots for humans. CEO, Claus Risager




Our Robots

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