Our new reseller Nordic Eye Sales Accelerator and the great team behind will help us accelerate the sales of GoBe Robots in the UK, Ireland and Slovakia.

“I have been a big fan of the Beam/GoBe Robots since I first met with one in Denmark, 18 months ago. I have used a Beam Robot on the Heath Williams Podcast and now I’m very proud to be distributing the Beam and GoBe Robots in the UK. We already have Beam/GoBe Robots on trial with the NHS helping UK Doctors and Nurses on the front line fight Covid-19. I also see great opportunities with the Beam/GoBe Robots to help commercial business protect their staff and clients as well as reduce travel costs and support home working during this crises and beyond.” Says CEO Heath Williams.

Another BIG welcome to the GoBe Robots family. We are so excited to have you onboard Heath Williams, and we are looking forward to working with you and your great team.

Visit www.nordic-eye.com for more info.