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UVD Robots Deploys the #100 Robot Ordered by The EU Commission

A facility in Romania has received UVD Robot #100 out of 200 fully autonomous disinfection robots purchased by the European Commission for distribution among its member states.

During the second surge of cases in Europe in the autumn of 2020, UVD Robots and Blue Ocean Robotics, the maker of the self-operating disinfecting robot with UV-C light, were chosen by the European Commission Directorate - Generale for Communications Networks, Content and Technology to provide 200 of these autonomous disinfection robots to assist European Union facilities in their efforts against the challenges posed by the period.

This week, a facility in Romania, along with six other facilities, is set to receive a delivery of these autonomous disinfection robots. These robots have the capability to disinfect a standard-sized room in as little as 10 minutes, offering significant benefits. 

“With EU funds, the European Commission is buying 200 disinfection robots, which will be delivered across Europe to help disinfect rooms. We do all we can to support individuals in these difficult times. And more will follow.” said President of the European Commission Ursula Von Der Leyen.

"Through this order, we are taking further steps to actively contribute to improving the situation for both workers and individuals in EU facilities." stated Dr. Claus Risager, CEO of Blue Ocean Robotics and Chairman of UVD Robots.

Unlike many stationary disinfection machines, the UVD Robot is a mobile, self-operating robot that uses UVC light to eliminate microorganisms not only on surfaces but also in the surrounding environment. UVD Robots have been deployed in over 60 countries globally.

About UVD Robots 
UVD Robots was founded in 2016 based on a Private Public Innovation project with the vision to enhance environmental cleaning. In 2020 UVD Robots launched its 3rd generation UV-C Disinfection Robot, Model C. UVD Robots is headquartered in Odense, Denmark.

About Blue Ocean Robotics
UVD Robots is a subsidiary of one of the world's leading groups of professional service robot development, Blue Ocean Robotics, which also includes subsidiaries like GoBe Robots and PTR Robots. Blue Ocean Robotics is headquartered in Europe’s “robot capital” of Odense in Denmark, where the group develops, produces, and sells professional service robots for fields such as hospitality, construction, and agriculture. The robots are developed from initial problem-oriented conceptual and design stages through latter stages focusing on development, commercialization, and scalability.


Company contact:
Merima Cikotic, VP of Marketing & PR
T:  +45 7199 5606| E:

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